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Special moments of german history

20th Feb—02nd May 2021
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For more than 50 years Barbara Klemm has documented German and international history: high profile politicans as well as ordinary people and their daily lives - in the divided German state as well as abroad all over the world.

She has worked for the prestigious newspaper FAZ since 1970 and was an eyewitness of many historic events such as the student protest movement of the 1970ies and the fall of the Berlin Wall. In her pictures, she portrays the powerful as well as the powerless and lets us glimpse behind the carefully staged routines of modern politics.


Stadthaus Ulm
Münsterplatz 50
89073 Ulm
Phone +49 731 161 7700
Fax +49 731 161 7701

Opening hours

20th Feb—02nd May 2021
Mon—Wed: 10 am—6 pm
Thu: 10 am—8 pm
Fri—Sun: 10 am—6 pm


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