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Interactive exhibition about the before and after

22nd Oct 2022—03rd Mar 2024
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Death is part of life. Pushing away this simple truth in your mind doesn't help. It is much healthier and liberating to deal with it. The new special exhibition in the Children's Museum in Neu-Ulm invites people of all ages from October 23 this year.

"Tell me something about death" turns young and old visitors into travelers into the unknown. In small, atmospheric and lovingly designed rooms, they encounter the big questions of the afterlife. Fairy tales, myths and games from different parts of the world are presented, which helped and still help people to explain death and give it a comforting form. It is an intergenerational exhibition for children and adults of all ages.

After the large hourglass, which makes the passage of time visible, visitors can expect the "Living Room of Memories" and the "Gallery of Ages". And then it gets serious. Because then the question of all questions arises: "What comes after death?". It takes courage to see the warning sign "Caution! You are leaving this world now!" But luckily everyone can mix themselves an immortality potion, so that this visit to the museum will definitely not be the "last trip". Prepared in this way, lying in the coffin for a test is expressly permitted. In the paradise garden you can leave wishes for the afterlife. And then the visitors find themselves in the middle of a happy Mexican feast of the dead!


Petrusplatz 4
89231 Neu-Ulm
Phone +49 731 7050 25 55

Opening hours

22nd Oct 2022—03rd Mar 2024
Tue—Wed: 1 pm—5 pm
Thu—Fri: 1 pm—6 pm
Sat—Sun: 10 am—6 pm

Special opening hours

Public holidays 10 am–6 pm

Closed on Carnival, Shrove Tuesday, Good Friday, December 24th and 31st


Adults 5.00 EUR
Reductions 4.00 EUR

Family 9.00 EUR
(2 adults with the maximum of 6 children)

Please note: Children and teens up to the age of 18 are free of charge. However only a maximum of three children per adult are allowed to get access to the museum.


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