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From New York to Burlafingen (Neu-Ulm)

09th Jun 2024—30th Mar 2025
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'Who we are' is the first part of a three-year exhibition series that vernacular photography - the large group of everyday images that shape and define of everyday images that characterise and define our lives. The diversity of materials and creative forms of vernacular photography seems to be infinite. The exhibition shows different categories of these family photos and private snapshots, for example, photo albums, ethnographic and scientific photography, or even mugshots and passport photos. What unites these photographs not an aesthetic or a style, but their functionality: they are useful and useful and purposeful.

This exhibition concentrates focuses on portrait photography and examines the influences this genre has influences this genre has on the shaping of individual and collective identity.
Similar to the classic portrait, these images also seem to be influenced by the modern
fascination with the individual, identity and the human face. However, in contrast to classical portraits, these photos primarily serve practical, personal, commercial and bureaucratic purposes. They avoid emphasising individual character and instead depict socially shaped
instead emphasise socially defined characteristics of ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality and status.


The Walther Collection
Reichenauer Straße 21
89233 Neu-Ulm
Phone +49 731 1769143

Dates & opening hours

09th Jun 2024—30th Mar 2025
Thu—Sun: 2 pm—5 pm



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