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Opening on 05 July 2024

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A project, that needed a lot of time to prepare in advance is heading towards completion. "The Einsteins - Museum of an Ulm Family" is the name of the compact, permanent exhibition that will focus on the roots of Ulm's probably most famous citizen, Albert Einstein, from a historical point of view on the ground floor of the "Engländer" at the Weinhof starting July 2024.
The museum portrays the story of the Jewish community of the 19th century, which Albert Einstein was born into, along numerous businesses founded by the family, and how it was destroyed in the 20th century.
His connections to his relatives in Ulm, his help for family members who were exposed to Nazi terror, but also the attempts of building a new foundation between the family and the city of Ulm are recognized. Modern technology is used e.g. in media guides accompanying the exhibition, but also in a fascinating media station, a "window into the past", where photographs from the Ulm that Einstein knew flow into today's cityscape. The exhibition was established quite detail oriented, by the furniture being fitted into the historic vault precisely.

The museum will most certainly not only become a tourist flagship for the city, but will also be a focal point for Ulm residents and school classes in particular.


Museum 'Die Einsteins'
Weinhof 19
89073 Ulm
Phone +49 731 1614271

Opening hours

Tue—Wed: 11 am—5 pm
Thu: 11 am—7 pm
Fri: 11 am—5 pm
Sat—Sun: 11 am—6 pm


Adults 8.00 EUR
Reductions 6.00 EUR
free entrance

Children up to 6 years free
6 - 12 years: 4.00 EUR
12 - 18 years: 6.00 EUR

Closed group from 15 persons: EUR 6.00 per person

Annual ticket 20.00 EUR (reduced 16.00 EUR)


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