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As an authentic urban experience venue, m25 provides impressions of the work carried out by the Minster construction lodge along with highlighting current urban policy issues. With the "Birdly" flight simulator, it also offers a unique virtual experience.

Through its knowledge and restoration work activities, the Minster construction lodge expertly maintains the city´s landmark. It has a long tradition and is part of the intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO. From autumn 2021 onwards, it will be permanently on show with an exhibition area at m25 where insights will be provided into the work involved.

One area of the m25 offers a range of exhibitions that will be changed on a regular basis and which focus on important current city-related topics. The city administration department will be providing information on key issues. The temporary exhibitions are to be complemented by an entertaining foray into the City of Ulm history.

The third pillar of the m25 is the "Birdly" simulator which combines high-tech with a journey into the past. With this, you can fly like a bird over Ulm back in the year 1890 whilst steering with your arms over the roofs that appear in the 3D glasses.


Münsterplatz 25
89073 Ulm
Phone +49 731 60270003

Opening hours

Wed—Fri: 2 pm—6 pm
Sat: 10 am—6 pm
Sun: 2 pm—6 pm

Opening hours Birdly
Fr & Su: 2 pm–6 pm
Sa: 10 am–6 pm


The Entrance to the exhibition is free.

Flight ticket for Birdly costs 5 EUR:
Book your ticket here

Usage restrictions for Birdly
from 7 years
from a height of 1.40 metres
up to a maximum of 150 kilograms


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