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From New York to Burlafingen (Neu-Ulm)

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The Walther Colleciton is a growing international art collection dedicated to exhibiting contemporary photography and video. Its mission is to collect and present through indepth, annual exhibitions and a vigorous publishing program works of historical and contemporary significance from artists working in Africa, Asia and other parts of the world.

The Walther Collection presents the first dialogical show of works by Santu Mofokeng (1956 - 2020) and David Goldblatt (1930 - 2018) at its museum campus in Neu-Ulm. Curated by art historian Tamar Garb, the exhibition opens up spaces for re-examination and re-interpretation by combining the works of these extraordinary photographers. This unique approach offers new perspectives on the oeuvre of Mofokeng and Goldblatt, which documents both everyday life and exception of the changing South African society during and after apartheid. It allows viewers to detach themselves from preconceived patterns of perception, in which not only the photographers but also their photographs have been diametrically positioned in relation to one another thus far.

Important information: Due to the current Corona pandemic and the related safety and hygiene regulations, an opening date as well as the duration of the exhibition cannot yet be announced. We will update the information on our website as soon as possible.


The Walther Collection
Reichenauer Straße 21
89233 Neu-Ulm
Phone +49 731 1769143

Opening hours

Thur—Sun: 2 pm—5 pm

Reopening in 2021 with the exhibition ›Santu Mofokeng and David Goldblatt‹


Entrance free of charge


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