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Uluem Theatre

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›Theater Ulüm‹, which was founded in Ulm/Germany in 1998, has its own venue in Ulm. It has been supported by Stadt Ulm and is the first and so far the only professional Turkish theatre in Southern Germany.

Most of the plays are in Turkish, some of them, however, are also in German. A programme booklet for the German audience helps them follow the play.

The plays were written by Aydin Engin, who lived in Frankfurt for 12 years. Now he lives in Istanbul and works as a columnist. The plays are musical comedies.

The following topics are deemed important and thus staged at Uluem Theatre:

integration, bilingualism, generation gap, dual citizenship, male-dominated society, women's rights, child-rearing problems etc. Uluem Theatre pokes fun at fears and stereotypes.


Theater Ulüm
Schillerstraße 1
89077 Ulm
Phone +49 731 6025937


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