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The new Martin Luther Church was inaugurated on 6 May 1928. Two special features had been planned in: firstly, the parish hall above the nave and secondly, two galleries, opposite each other – one in front for the choir and orchestra and one at the back for worshippers and concertgoers. It was to become a musical church in the spirit of Martin Luther's appreciation for music.

The architecture exhibits some typical Art Deco features. The bright interior, with the light, natural wood tones of the ceiling and lofty panelled walls, is also remarkable.
Beginning in 1942, the leaflets of the ›White Rose‹ group, written by the siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl, were sorted in the hidden organ chamber and readied for dispatch. Since 2010, the Martin Luther Church has housed a little memorial to the White Rose resistance movement.

The Martin Luther Church survived the Second World War with very little damage.


Zinglerstraße 66
89077 Ulm


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