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Highlight of the Early Renaissance

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Ulm´s town hall is situated not far from the Minster and is easily recognised by its opulently painted, early renaissance facade. The oldest part of the present building, the main south east building, was built in 1370 as a ›new trading house‹. It was first mentioned as a town hall in 1419.

During the course of the 15th century, windows encased in gothic architecture were installed on the south side (with 6 statues of electoral princes) and double-windows on the east side. The ornamental astronomical clock was installed around 1520. The lavish exterior murals were extended to the older part of the building and didactically illustrate virtues, commandments and vices. The paintings visible today originate from the year 1900 when the previous paintings, which had been largely destroyed by the weather, were restored or renewed in the spirit of the surviving remains.

In 1944, the interior of the town hall was extensively damaged by fire. However, the whole of the ground floor and the south wing of the 1st floor remained intact.

On the staircase, you can marvel at a replica of the flying apparatus of Albrecht Ludwig Berblinger, the legendary ›Tailor of Ulm‹.


Rathaus Ulm
Marktplatz 1
89073 Ulm

Opening hours

Mon—Thu: 8 am—6 pm
Fri: 8 am—2 pm


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