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Responsible for fire and water

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The Zundeltor in the north-east of the old town is an interesting destination for a stroll away from the well-worn paths. This route traverses the historical and immaculately renovated "Auf dem Kreuz" district. Ulm offers a lot of authentic flair in this area.

The name ("At the intersection") is a little misleading: the Zundeltor on the northern city wall was never a city gate, but rather was a defensive tower. It didn't become a "gate" until the city wall below it was broken through in 1870 and then opened up further at a later date. Originally it served as a depot for powder and tinder ("Zunder"), hence its name. It is also known as the "Seelturm", which of course was related to the nearby Seelhaus.

Incidentally, "water tower" would also fit, because it has also been used in the past as an elevated tank. This trail goes back to the beginnings of the supply of drinking water to the city. The first pumping station had already been built in the city in 1340, unusually early. For a long time, the water of the once-walled moat, which was then filled in 1897, had been channelled into the well houses located inside the city wall. There it powered massive water wheels. With their help, groundwater has been extracted and pumped into the urban water system since the end of the Middle Ages. The water system then transported the water to the public and (a few) private wells.

The half-octagonal Brunnenhäuslein on the south side of the gate leads to the Seelhausbrunnenwerk, a later-generation pumping station built in 1638 and remaining in use until it was shut down in 1873.
In 1998 a small water museum was set up inside it. It is well-worth seeing, but only opens its doors by appointment.
Phone: +49 731 161 2830 (SWU Energie GmbH)


Seelturm und Zundeltor
Seelengraben 53
89073 Ulm


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