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A tower with an important role

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Once upon a time, it was simply a ›water tower‹. But it now has a representative task: It is the landmark of Neu-Ulm.

It occupies its honorary position in dignified silence in Kollmannspark at Neu-Ulm´s conservatory. Its raison d'être has transformed; but the appearance remains unchanged. Its facade is a mixture of neo-baroque and art nouveau. Completed in 1898, its origin dates back to the time of the German Empire.

But does that mean we have to associate it with the Wilhelminian spiked helmet? Those who ridicule it think so - they believe the striking dome and turret ridge to be clearly reminiscent of the Prussian Army.

In keeping with the spirit of the times, the planners concealed the tower´s real function behind a fantasy of forms and stylistic renderings. It was merely a water tower at the end of the day. The associated waterworks went into operation in October 1900.

Interestingly, the tower was not placed on an open space. Instead, it stands on a building belonging to the federal fortress, or more precisely: on a powder magazine. Built of solid masonry, the rectangular building constructed shortly after 1850 functioned as both a base and foundation at the same time.

It is the only one of six such magazines in Neu-Ulm that has been preserved. This is certainly only thanks to the tower and the new task conferred upon it. There has never been a lack of ideas about additional new functions; one of the most original proposals was to set up a jazz cellar at a lofty height.


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