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The sensory garden is a special experience – not only for blind and visually impared people.

Secluded and at the same time in the middle of the city is the small oasis at the ›Kobelgraben‹. You get a general idea about the park through a general map with symbols for different herbaceous perennials and flower beds, the fountain or the benches.

With the help of a guided system, you can go through the park, the oldest of its kind.

A new developed colour- and smelling-system is integrated in the existing planting. Grove and herbaceous perennials with different smells and structures make the flora tangible.

The jewel is a special fountain, created by Herbert Dreiseitel. The specially shaped basins of the fountain set the water in pulsating figure-eight movements. These can also be felt with the palms of your hands.


Duft- und Tastgarten
89073 Ulm


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