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Become part of the Ulm/Neu-Ulmer running community!

Donaurunning is a unique project in southern Germany organised by the SSV Ulm 1846 club and includes a measured-out running and walking route along the Danube. What makes it special is that a permanently installed time measurement system offers users the opportunity to compare their performance by means of an official platform and to share their passion for running via a website.

The route is 5 kilometres long, signposted and illuminated, making it easy for all runners to use, whether or not they are already familiar with it. The only requirement is a time measuring chip, which can be purchased at the Hans-Lorenser-Sportzentrum. This chip is easily attached to the shoe and then automatically records the runner's time over four fixed measuring points along the route.

Registration in advance on the homepage is also required in order to use the chip.
After the run, the user has the option of viewing their running time on an externally visible screen at the Hans-Lorenser-Sportzentrum. All results can also be accessed at any time via the homepage.

The route

The start and finish points are located at the Hans-Lorenser-Sportzentrum. The route starts off going downstream of the Danube and, after a loop through the Friedrichsau and past the Volksfestplatz, it then crosses the pedestrian bridge to the Neu-Ulmer side. This is followed by a loop around the Offenhausen sports field, before following the Danube upstream through the ›Herbelhölzle‹ to the Gänstor Bridge. It crosses the Danube again here, before passing the Hotel Maritim down the Danube to the finish line.


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