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Einstein Bouldering Centre

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Active fun for all ages is guaranteed at the einstein bouldering centre. This holistic sports programme is unique in Ulm:

bouldering – rope-free climbing at jumping height – involves solving rock-climbing challenges on a variety of walls.

CrossFit involves comprehensive strength and conditioning training. It's all about movement, power and speed!

Yoga is a time-tested art that promotes balance between body and mind. The holistic vitality of the body as well as stress relief and concentration are promoted.

Parkour, the art of moving logically and efficiently from A to B and combines jumping, climbing and balancing. Both obstacles and mental barriers are overcome – something that can also be transferred to everyday life!


einstein Boulderhalle Ulm
Blaubeurer Straße 100
89077 Ulm
Phone +49 731 60278082

Opening hours

Mon—Sun: 10 am—11 pm


Adults 12.90 EUR
Reductions 10.90 EUR

Children (7–11 years) 8.50 EUR
Children (3–6 years) 4.50 EUR
Family 32.00 EUR


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