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Jump4All Ulm

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Jump4all is the first and most high-tech trampoline hall in the Ulm area. A total of 52 trampolines cover approx. 2,000 sqm. The large ›Free Jump‹ area and the ›Ninja-Parcour‹ with various dexterity obstacles are supplemented by a ›Foam Jump‹ with hundreds of foam cubes and an area for ›wall-running‹. You can jump alone or in groups, or even hold children's birthday parties there. Refreshments are available from the gastro area. The ›Spatzolino‹ indoor soft-play area makes sure the little ones are entertained and there's a special ›School Jump‹ for school classes.


Jump4All Ulm
Eberhard-Finckh-Straße 47
89075 Ulm
Phone +49 731 94056500

Opening hours

Mon—Fri: 2:30 pm—8 pm
Sat—Sun: 9:30 am—8 pm

school holidays and holidays

Mo–So 9.30 am–8 pm


Monday - Friday* you will receive the prices at 20% discount

Monday - Thursday* we double your jump time. The duplication takes place on site
*Excluding autumn break, Christmas break, winter break, Easter break and public holidays

60 min. jump time €14.00
90 min. jump time €20.00
120 min. jump time €25.00
Plus jump socks (mandatory) €3.30

Family rate (2 adults + 2 children)
60 minutes €47.00
90 minutes €70.00

Children 0-3 years
1 parent as supervisor (not allowed to jump)
60 minutes €14.00 plus jump socks

3-5 years
1 child + 1 parent can both jump
60 minutes €24.00 plus jump socks


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