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Danube Swabian Museum

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The museum is located in a historic building of the Ulm Federal Fortress, only a few metres from the banks of the Danube. Two tours show the history of the Danube Swabians (950 sqm) and the diversity of the Danube, the great European river (550 sqm).

Exhibition "Danube Swabians. Departure and encounter"
The Danube Swabians are the descendants of German settlers who emigrated to the then Kingdom of Hungary in the 18th century. For centuries they lived peacefully together with their neighbours - Hungarians, Romanians, Serbs, Croats and others. After the Second World War, many were uprooted by flight, expulsion, deportation and internment. They came to Germany and other countries. Those who remained in the settlement areas had to come to terms with communist regimes. The exhibition is in German, there is a German/English media guide.

Exhibition "Danube. River Stories"
From the Black Forest to the Black Sea, the Danube flows almost 3,000 kilometres through landscapes, regions, countries and cultures. Around 100 million people live in its catchment area today. The exhibition tells the story of the river and the people living along its banks in German and English. The legendary Danube dinosaur, modern hydroelectric power, Danube navigation in Ulm, wild carnival customs, Habsburg coffee house culture, practised nature conservation and curious flotsam - these are all topics of the "River Stories". Participation and media stations invite visitors to discover and try things out.



Donauschwäbisches Zentralmuseum
Schillerstraße 1
89077 Ulm
Phone +49 731 962540

Opening hours

Tue: 11 am—5 pm
Wed: 11 am—5 pm
Thu—Fri: 11 am—5 pm
Sat—Sun: 10 am—6 pm


Adults 5.00 EUR
Reductions 3.50 EUR
Groups 3.50 EUR
free of charge


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