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Mr Zopf's hairdressing museum

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With over 30,000 exhibits, from a completely preserved, listed hairdressing salon to an ornately decorated beard cup and the first perming machines, a visit to Mr Zopf's Hairdressing Museum is an entertaining and informative journey through the history of the hairdressing trade. The world's largest hairdressing museum, with its many lovingly displayed collector's items, tells fascinating, thought-provoking and humorous stories from the tradition of bathers and barbers to wig makers and today's hairdressers.  Every room has something unexpected, bizarre and fascinating in store and delights museum visitors from all over the world, who experience hairdressing history at first hand on the guided tours. The museum is not only of interest to industry experts. Everyone will find memorabilia from their childhood or youth and technology enthusiasts will be fascinated by the development of some of the equipment from its beginnings to the present day. Museum director Harald Gloning personally passes on his passion and enthusiasm for the preservation of the collected exhibits and the continuation of the museum during his guided tours.


Herr Zopf's Friseurmuseum
Dieselstraße 4
89231 Neu-Ulm
Phone +49 731 3784657 18

Opening hours

on request


Adults 7.50 EUR

Children/Teenagers up to the age of 18: 2.50 EUR


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