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Hairdressing Museum

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The hairdressing museum was founded by Heinz Zopf in Eckernförde in Schleswig-Holstein in 1980. Recently, however, the museum has moved into the building of the German Hairdressing Academy in Neu-Ulm to live up to its reputation of ›preserving the tradition and keeping up the enthusiasm for a bright future of the most beautiful profession in the world‹. Picking up on trends of the past is en vogue again and so is the idea of a hairdressing museum.

The goal is to demonstrate to the visitors how barbers have become hair dressers. But we also present a broad collection of valuable items from many centuries.
The best stories, however, are taken from real life, so it is really worth listening to Mr. Zopf. He could go on for hours, explaining how to make a wig, telling you about scissors and razors from other countries and centuries. The most exciting story is the one about a German soldier being deployed to France and thus leading to the invention of the safety razor.


Herr Zopf's Friseurmuseum
Dieselstraße 4
89231 Neu-Ulm
Phone +49 731 3784657 18

Opening hours

on request


Adults 7.50 EUR

Children/Teenagers up to the age of 18: 2.50 EUR


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