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Beautifully slanted

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›Crooked House‹ – that is to be taken quite literally. This is because the half-timbered house has an alarmingly slanted position. It has not only been like this for a few years, but for a few hundred already. That´s comforting to know.

Situated directly on the river Blau while also leaning over it to a large extent. The ancient fishermen´s house in the picturesque fishermen´s quarter dating back to 1443, has been well and truly thrown out of kilter. This happened as early as the 17th century and has two causes. Firstly, the subsoil gave way to the Blau, secondly the inhabitants sawed up supporting beams during poor quality conversions.
This gave way to the sober realisation that it had led to a distinctly slanted position.

Nobody thought of changing the condition again. In 1995, when it was time to renovate the curious building and convert it into a cosy guest house, the historical slant was preserved in keeping with the spirit of monument preservation and photo souvenir collections. The ›Crooked House‹ straight again – how disappointing that would have been!

But to ensure that guests do not involuntarily fall into the Blau or out of bed, all furnishings in the house have been aligned. Water weights on the beds provide an important sense of orientation.

A little note: The building statics are stable. If someone were to get seasick in bed, it would be for very different reasons.


Schiefes Haus
Schwörhausgasse 6
89073 Ulm
Phone +49 731 967930


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