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For some, Bad Blau is an adventure pool with swimming fun and action for for others, it is a wellness pool to relax and unwind. Children can let off steam in the children's pool and experience the light effects in the experience the light effects on the 80 metre long water slide. During the
time is measured each time you take the rapid curves and you can try to slide even faster. The play equipment in the adventure pool test your dexterity. In the cold season, bathers can recharge their batteries in the warm Solevital pool at a pleasant 34 °C. The minerals dissolved in the water are good for the skin and joints. Neck showers, massage jets and underwater jets are further attractions that are good for the body.

The daily aqua aerobics programme trains the skeleton and muscles. If you want to do something more for yourself and your body, can swim a few lengths in the 25 metre long sports pool. Aquacourses such as aquacycling or aquajumping are the ideal full-body workout and
and get you fit!

In the sauna area, Bad Blau has set new standards with the Mahtava sauna. Both in terms of space and appearance, this sauna leaves hardly anything to be desired. Always with the appeal to do only what is good for the body. That's why the slogan is 'Listen to your body'. The former log cabin sauna has been converted into a log cabin sauna has a rather rustic feel to it and provides a pleasant room climate for a relaxing rest between sauna sessions.


Bad Blau
Boschstraße 12
89134 Blaustein
Phone +49 7304 4369610

Opening hours

Mon—Fri: 10 am—9 pm
Sat: 9 am—9 pm
Sun: 9 am—8 pm


Adults 12.00 EUR
Reductions 11.00 EUR
1h free of charge

Children 8,50 EUR
Family ticket 31.00 EUR


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