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A paradise for hikers

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Seen from above, the Swabian Alb is a gentle highland with juniper heaths, on which shepherds still make their rounds. But the largest karst mountains in Europe have other sides as well - the Alb is wildly romantic and sublime, framed by the gorges of the young Danube and the Albtrauf. In between, the mighty castles of the Staufern and Hohenzollern dynasties and a ring of pearls of traditional towns impress. The secret of the WeltKulturGebirge, however, lies deep inside, hidden in countless caves: This is where the oldest works of art in the world come from, some 40,000 years old.

From the comfort of Ulm you can visit the caves of the Swabian Alb, the impressive Blautopf in Blaubeuren or the Lone Valley.


Schwäbische Alb Tourismusverband e.V.
Bismarckstraße 21
72574 Bad Urach
Phone +49 7125 9393 00


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